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How to pay for a funeral

Funerals are costly, and if your loved one hasn't made pre-paid funeral arrangements, you and your family may have to carry that financial burden. This responsibility can be severe during a financial crisis when more and more people have less and less access to disposable income and personal savings. However, there are some steps you can take to assist with paying for your loved one's funeral.

  • Do you know your loved one’s final wishes? Already knowing your loved one's final wishes, is the ideal circumstance. Unfortunately, although we may strive toward ideals, they frequently collide with reality. Knowing what your loved one wants is essential. This drives the final funeral cost. It also takes the guesswork out of planning a funeral.

  • Does your loved one have life insurance? If your loved one has life insurance, it is usually used to pay for some or all funeral expenses. Most life insurance policies pay directly to the funeral home.

  • Crowdfunding: if there are no other resources, crowdfunding platforms can help relieve the financial obligation. Finances are an uncomfortable but necessary conversation that needs to occur between every funeral home and family. And that conversation is made even more awkward when you're unsure how to pay for their services. You do have a crowdfunding resource that allows you to celebrate your loved one's life and finance their funeral all on one platform. And it's free.

When you gather your family and friends to crowdfund your loved one's final requests, your financial burden is eliminated, and you can offer your loved one the funeral they desired but maybe couldn't afford. In addition, friends and family can contribute directly from their devices. Then, you can organize the funeral your way, obtain donations, and have the money directly transferred into your account to pay for the funeral.

Any funds gathered that exceed the final cost of the funeral arrangements will be donated to a charity or organization of choice. This way, your loved one's legacy will be memorialized and forever exemplified in giving to others.

What funeral costs are you and your family willing to pay?

If your loved one is one of the many who do not make their funeral arrangements known before death, you may face the uncomfortable task of calling funeral homes to request the cost of individual services.

Knowing the cost of the funeral, helps to set limits and plan a realistic budget. Most funeral homes are obliging and compassionate. They do this daily. And they want to make it as easy on grieving families as possible. In many instances, you can plan a funeral, sign the paperwork, and even pay for it online without leaving the comfort of your own home. So, don't be concerned about asking too many questions. It's OK.

The cost of a funeral will vary depending upon where you live, the funeral home, and the following:

  • Will there be an interment or cremation?

  • Type of casket for burial or urn for cremation

  • Will there be any visiting hours?

  • Will there be a full traditional funeral service with viewing and visitation?

  • Will there be a burial at the gravesite?

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