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How to honor the life of your loved one

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Honoring the life of your loved one is what the funeral is all about. And there are several opportunities to honor their legacy throughout the course of the funeral and through online platforms where family and friends can gather virtually to honor the life of your loved one.

The Obituary

Writing your loved one's obituary can be painful. But it can also be cathartic and facilitate healing. At its most basic, an obituary announces your loved one’s death, then includes pertinent information about the funeral, visiting hours, and burial.

At its best, the obituary will be a testament to the person's life and legacy, outlining their accomplishments, interests, and giving the world a peek into their character.

Regardless, there are key components to writing an obituary:

  • The loved one's full name

  • Age upon death

  • Date of death

  • Birthdate

  • Where they lived

  • Vital interests and events in their life

  • Surviving family members

  • Details about funeral service and where it's held

As we've already established, obituaries are essential in notifying others of your loved one's death, but they can also be costly depending upon where they are published or posted. A digital platform that allows for the free publication of obituaries where videos, links, and photos can be added or deleted by family and friends, like, is important for honoring your loved one and keeping their memory alive. In addition, it's simple to use and can be shared via social media.

Live Digital Memorial

All invited visitors to the crowdfunding platform can help create a free and accessible live digital memorial, a stunning tribute to your loved one, where friends and family can share and post videos, photos, stories, condolences, and audio messages.

Here, family and friends can also share their grief by posting media or having online conversations with faraway relatives - intimacies that would be impossible to experience during a traditional funeral service. It is as much a therapeutic tool as it is a living memorial to the ones you love.

The death of a cherished loved one isn't an easy event to navigate emotionally or financially. Still, there are ways in which these concerns can dissolve along with any anxiety you may be feeling. And your family can have the freedom to create the funeral they desire, but without the expense.

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