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  • Do I need to pay to use is free but some services are subject to fee or purchase: A/ The Obituary, Ceremonies, Live Memorial are all free to use for 30 days. After 30 days, you will need to decide if you want: - to keep the Memorial live online. Price for 6 months: $59, or $99 for 1 year. - to stop the Memorial, and download all the content as a zip file. B/ The Fundraiser service is free: the Memorial site Owner doesn't not have to pay for raising money. However, a 10% fee is automatically withdrawn from the donation amount to covers the Memorial operations cost, and the transactions cost from
  • How long can I keep the Memorial Site available online?
    30 days for free. Then you can purchase an extension for 6 months or 1 year. You can extend it several times.
  • How can I buy a Memorial usage extension?
    Purchase can be done online within - Login as usual - Click on the top right menu - Select your duration - Pay using your credit/debit card. The payment process is done by our partner
  • Can I extend the 6-month and 1-year extension?
    Yes. You can extend it as long as you need to.
  • Can I create a Memorial without using the Fundraising feature?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I choose how visitors login to the Memorial?
    Yes. Options are available in the Settings tab in the left menu.
  • Can I add a passcode to the Memorial Site?
    Yes. Turn on the feature in the Settings Tab in the left navigation pane.
  • What does do with my email address and all data published on my Memorial? is NOT reselling data, nor email addresses. We do not use these data for any purpose. Once the memorial use ends, you get the data back, and we delete them from the server. The only exception are data related to Donation (money transfer). These data are kept in our books for legal and accounting reasons.
  • Where are the data stored?
    The data are stored using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform located in the USA.
  • How to share the Memorial Site on Social Media?
    There are several ways to share the Memorial Site: - On the top right Menu are three Social Media icons. These will enable you con connect to your social media account. Quick and easy, the link to the Memorial Site is automatically pasted as a post on the chosen Social Media. - On the top right Menu, click on the envelope icon (=email). An email is automatically created using your standard Email management software. The Link and a Title are automatically input. Add some text and sent. - In the left menu, click on Share (below Settings). Your Memorial Site links are all there. Note that the Slideshow has a dedicated link which you can share too. This is a dynamic link: each time a new photo is posted, it populates the slideshow.
  • What is the red logo (D) on the donation payment page?
    The red logo (D) is the logo of DialogLoop, Inc. DialogLoop, Inc. developed the services.
  • How can I close my account?
    Send an email to
  • What is the process for setting up a Fundraiser?
    The fundraising process is explained in this video:
  • How long does the Fundraiser last?
    The standard duration of a Fundraiser on is 30 days.
  • How can I extend the Fundraiser duration?
    Please send an email to to extend the Fundraiser duration.
  • How and when can I get the money in my bank account?
    The donations are collected from using Typically, the money is transferred to the owner's account at the end of the Fundraiser: 30 days after the Memorial Site creation.
  • Do I have to pay for the Fundraising service?
    No payment is required to use the Fundraising service. However, automatically collects a 10% fee from the donation amount to cover the memorial operation cost and the money transaction cost.
  • How long does it take to get the Fundraising approval?
    The approval happens during the phone call with the representative. The call typically occurs within 24 hours following the approval request.
  • Can I customize the messages related to donations?
    Yes. You can define a Welcome and Thank You message, donation amounts, and the charities to share the overage.
  • How does the donation to Charities work?
    Within, you will list the charities you want to share the donations. This is a great way to motivate visitors to donate. Once the Fundraiser is over, you will receive the remaining donations, following the guidance defined during the first phone call. Then you can share the amount of money you would like to with the Charities of your choice.
  • How can I insert a clickable URL in the Obituary?
    There are several ways to insert clickable a URL in the Obituary: 1/ Copy/paste the URL from a web browser or any source, as long as it contains "www." At the beginning of the URL. Typically, "" is not clickable, but "" is. 2/ Type a URL starting with "www.". After clicking "Enter", the URL is recognized and becomes clickable. 3/ Position the cursor where you want to insert the URL. Click on the LINK icon in the menu above the text field in the center of the page. Input the URL and click SAVE.
  • How can I insert images in the Obituary?
    1/ Copy-paste 2/ Click on the Photo logo in the menu above the text field in the center of the page. Select an image on your disk. Resize it.
  • How can I insert a video in the Obituary?
    You can copy/paste a link to a Youtube video for example. It is not possible to upload a video to the obituary.
  • Can I insert files in the Obituary?
    You can copy/paste a link to an online document for example. It is not possible to upload a file directly to the obituary.
  • Troubleshooting: the Obituary is not updating on the Visitor's web page.
    For each change done in the Obituary, the user needs to click "Save" to keep the data and to display the changes on the visitor's web page.
  • Can the Ceremonies appear below the Obituary?
    Yes. Click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the Ceremonies page.
  • How many ceremonies can I create?
    As many as you like. Note: if you delete a ceremony, its content is lost forever.
  • Can I change the Header image of a preset Ceremony?
    No. We recommend you create a Custom Ceremony and add the image of your choice.
  • Can I delete some content posted on the Live Memorial?
    Yes. You can delete any post and comment. Click on the Trash icon next to each Post. Note: anything you delete is lost forever.
  • Can I comment on a post?
    Yes. You can comment on any post. Click on the Arrow icon next to each Post.
  • Can I lock the access to the Live Memorial?
    Yes. There are two ways to lock the Live Memorial: 1/ Add a Passcode: Visitors can no longer access the complete Memorial Site. 2/ Click on the Locker icon (in the Memorial page header): Visitors can no longer post content. Only you can.
  • Why does everyone need to Tag the posted content?
    Tagging the posted content eases the sorting of posts. This is very useful when the Memorial contains many posts.
  • Can visitors post videos?
    Yes. Please check that the option "video" is ticked in the Memorial's Setting (Gear icon).
  • How to use the slideshow during an Event? (Funeral, Celebration...)
    The Slideshow contains all the photos posted by everyone visiting the Live Memorial. These are the same photos displayed in the Gallery. The Slideshow has a dedicated URL. It is available in the Settings>Share section of the left menu. Copy/paste this URL into a web browser to visualize the content. On the event day, open that link on any device connected to a large Screen (or a projector), and the content will appear. You will NOT need to connect to your account to display the Slideshow. Click on the Full-Screen icon.
  • Why can't I hear the music?
    The music is OFF by default. Turn it ON. If you still cannot hear it, - Check the sound level on the emitting device. - The sound level on the outputting Display may be too low. - Check the type of cable connection between the sound source and the output.
  • Can I display the Slideshow in Full Screen?
    Yes: Click on the Full-Screen icon (within the video, on the right).
  • How can I use the Slideshow during video streaming?
    If you are screen sharing: Play the Slideshow in a browser, and display it full Screen. Note: the music will be off by default. Once ONE, please check the setting of the software you use to transmit the Video. Some settings adjustments are required to emit the sound while screen sharing. For Reference, Zoom enables sound streaming with video streaming.
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